about us

Banafsh Band mission is to promote Peace, Love, Coexistence and mutual respect through music.

The project started in 2013 with a friend of the, Mr. Hossein Tofangdar started a project called “Peace in the Persian literature” where he selected several poems from Iranian poems, some dating back 1000 years about Peace, love, joy of living together in mutual respect, tolerating different opinions and coexisting peaceful world.

The poems were then given to Payman Abdali for translation, lyricizing and music composition.  For the completion of the album a few lyrics from Payman Abdali were added to the collection.

Banafsh band is a collection of professional musician friends that arrange and perform the compositions of Payman Abdali (aka Paiman Abdali, Paymon Abdali, IO Music Project, NIRUGAH).

The idea of the band started on October 27th 1987, when Payman (Paymon) performed his (and the University’s) “Electronic Music Recital” in Music Room 157, college of Music of California State University of Sacramento.

After Payman’s return to Iran in 1991 he concentrated on scoring for Theater, TV and film. He released his second album “Angel of Thoughts” (XDOT25 Productions) in 1994 in San Francisco and was nominated for “Best Theater Score” in Fajr International Festival on 1995 in Tehran, Iran.  The album was released several years later in Iran with the same title.  Three more studio albums were produced over the years:

  • Music Hall 151 (released electronically) 2007
  • Fifth Element 2015

Audible Visions 2015

As a studio band, Banafsh was lucky to work with many talented musicians throughout the years.  In 1995, the band decided to become a performing band and started attracting performing musicians with synergetic type of mentality and opinion.  The band performed in the Austrian Cultural Institute (OKF) in Tehran.  In 2016 the band performed in the University of Foreign Affairs in Tehran.